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McDonald's tests Chicken McGriddle in Ohio: Report

McDonald's now selling Chicken McGriddle at two price points

Chicken for breakfast?

McDonald's confirmed Thursday it is testing the Chicken McGriddle, a chicken-and-pancake breakfast sandwich. On Wednesday, Columbus Business First reported that the item is being tested in 11 restaurants in central Ohio.

The sandwich is essentially a McChicken with maple-flavored pancakes in place of the normal buns, the publication said.

The report said the Chicken McGriddle will be available until March 27. The testing locations will experiment with two prices: $1.49 and $2, according to Columbus Business First.

Phil Saken, communications manager for McDonald's Ohio region, confirmed to CNBC on Thursday the plan, saying it's an "operations test" limited to central Ohio.

"This test is really centered on this specific sandwich and whether it works in this market and if there's demand for it," said Saken. He added that the company is monitoring customer feedback and that a further roll out of the Chicken McGriddle would be limited to the region.

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