Drive a Lexus? It may be the most ticketed car

Lexus may be the most ticketed car

Ever wonder why you keep receiving traffic tickets? Turns out, your car may be to blame.

While it's the driver who gets ticketed and not the car, certain vehicles are more prone to receiving greater amounts of traffic violations than others.

The stylish Lexus ES 300 sedan was crowned the title of biggest "ticket magnet," with 33 percent of drivers reporting tickets during the survey period. Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Toyota.

To come up with this ranking, car insurance comparison-shopping website reviewed insurance claims and traffic violation data from 331 models and more than 323,000 recent customers between Feb. 2014 and Feb. 2016.

The survey highlights which car makes and models have received the highest number of traffic tickets over the past two years. It also found that drivers receiving the most tickets also made an above-average number of insurance claims.

Though insurance companies oftentimes pay more attention to claims than they do traffic tickets when setting rates, violation tickets drive up the coverage costs for the person who receives a citation.

To avoid these extra costs, here are the top 20 vehicles by rank/make and model by the percentage of surveyed drivers who received tickets, according to

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