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Power Play: Finding value in a volatile market

A worker in a Union Pacific locomotive maintenance facility, in Roseville, California.
Ken James | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The Dow, Nasdaq and are on track for the best weekly gains of the year, but money managers believe volatility will be back.

Kevin Norris, president of Univest Wealth Management, tells CNBC's "Power Lunch" on Friday he sees both upside and downside volatility until mid-year.

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Despite heightened risk, Norris believes you can still make money in this market.

"Invest in good companies that have a strong product/brand, consistent earnings, strong management and demonstration of confidence in the company in the form of a dividend," Norris said.

In Norris' view, fundamentals always win. "Union Pacific is a great example. It was beaten up in 2015 and is handedly ahead of the market this year," Norris said.

Union Pacific is higher during trading and is up 1.5 percent year-to-date.