Amdocs Unveils New CES 10 Product Portfolio to Accelerate Pace of Service Provider Digital Transformation

Cloud-enabled portfolio enables service providers to capture the world of digital immediacy with industry-first solutions such as Amdocs CES Packaged Offering for Multi-Play that enables the launch of best-practice Greenfield multi-play operations in under a year1

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- At Mobile World Congress, Amdocs (NASDAQ:DOX), the leading provider of customer experience solutions, today unveiled Amdocs CES 10, the company’s latest product portfolio release designed to speed service providers’ digital transformation and outpace the industry2. Amdocs also announced today an enhanced digital services portfolio to support and accelerate service providers’ transition from traditional to digital business models.

This major release enables service providers to meet the industry’s disruptive trends of changing customer and business behaviors, leveraging customer data, digital interactions and new engagement channels to capture the world of digital immediacy and rise to a new level of customer experience. Service providers will be able to win customer affinity, drive long-term, trust-based customer relationships and compete more effectively against non-traditional players.

Amdocs CES 10 introduces industry-first solutions including Amdocs CES Packaged Offering for Multi-Play - a new implementation framework with pre-packaged business support systems/operational support systems (BSS/OSS), big-data capabilities and business processes which have been specifically designed to launch best-practice Greenfield multi-play operations in under a year1. The Amdocs CES 10 release offers a rich set of digital capabilities in a cloud-enabled portfolio that allows service providers to address the four business imperatives for digital success:

  1. Delivering personalized, omni-channel customer experiences across digital dimensions, including retail and eCommerce.
  2. Creating a diversified business to capture new revenue streams from the business sector (from home offices to small and medium businesses and enterprises), and the Internet of things (IOT), as well as from multi-play and entertainment offerings.
  3. Becoming data empowered to anticipate needs and to make customer, business and operational decisions based on insights and predictive analytics.
  4. Achieving service agility to shorten the time to market of multi-play offerings to mere hours, and use network functions virtualization (NFV) to accelerate the fast rollout of new technologies and hybrid network services.

“Service providers are increasingly realizing how much progress they need to make to compete as digital service providers,” said Andy Hicks, Research Director, Telecoms and Networking, EMEA at IDC. “Not only do they have to bring products to market much more quickly, they need to integrate their technology and business stacks, and unify their different channels to the customer. The new capabilities that Amdocs is announcing speak to this set of new and expanded priorities.”

Amdocs CES 10 new and enhanced capabilities include:

  • Digital dimensions: The Amdocs Care and Commerce and Amdocs Retail Experience solutions have been expanded to enhance the channel-hopping experience and cart persistency between assisted and unassisted channels. With innovative and integrated capabilities to enable secured, personalized and contextual, omni-channel shopping experiences that support multi-play offerings, customers can move seamlessly from one channel to another throughout the entire customer lifecycle and receive personalized bundles of communication and entertainment, as well as hard and digital goods.
  • Diversified business: Amdocs B2B delivers a modular suite that is the first in the industry to manage the end-to-end lifecycle from “lead” to “care” of business customers, which includes small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises. The offering provides an integrated BSS/OSS, network orchestration, and continuous fulfillment capabilities for virtual and physical networks (hybrid networks). It also includes big data analytics for enterprise experience management, and services to facilitate the entire process – from order entry, to activation and payments – and supports multi-site and virtualized network services. Amdocs CES 10 is the only open, integrated offering in the market which can support residential and business customers within the same system.
    Amdocs IoT platform enables service providers to move higher in the IoT value chain with fast onboarding of new enterprise and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners. It also supports multiple engagement models for selling value-added services on top of new connected devices, and manages complex settlements from an ecosystem of partners. End users will be able to add any IoT device and service to their existing operator plans, while enjoying a seamless and simple experience. Amdocs Multi-Play and Entertainment allows service providers to delight customers with a unified experience providing care, eCommerce and monetization of entertainment assets (e.g. video, transactional video-on-demand, music and games) alongside connected personal devices, home and cars, as well as personalized bundles of communications, connected-x, and entertainment services. Amdocs Occasional Use Monetization solution enables service providers to offer and charge occasional users for premium content with the eventual aim of converting occasional users into higher-value subscribers.
  • Data empowered: The new Amdocs Data Hub solution – a Hadoop-based data management platform – enables service providers to seamlessly extract, process and visualize their massive volumes of data, and provides a foundation for analytics. Amdocs Data Hub comes pre-integrated with data collectors for customer interactions data, ordering data, billing and usage data, as well as network experience and probes data. As a result, service providers are able to generate insights for customer intelligence, network experience and decision-making to enable the launch of personalized offers and promotions for customers, targeted up- and cross-selling, and reporting continuity following IT upgrades with pre-built reports and data collectors.
  • Service agility: Amdocs Unified Master Enterprise Catalog has been enhanced to support the launch of new multi-play offerings in a matter of hours. Announced in October 2015, Amdocs Service Design and Create is a network functions virtualization/software-defined networking (NFV/SDN) solution that enables service providers to design, test and launch new virtualized and hybrid network services in just weeks, instead of months1. The integration of Amdocs Service Design and Create with Amdocs Network Cloud Service Orchestrator, coupled with its self-healing, and dynamic policies technologies enable service providers to dynamically instantiate those network services within mere seconds1.

“Our industry is at an historical intersection, driven by digital immediacy and evolving customer experience expectations. Service providers must be able to offer customers experiences that will be valuable to them as individuals on any digital dimension, even non-telecom-traditional ones,” said Chris Williams, head of global marketing at Amdocs. “They must diversify to be able to offer new types of services to new types of customers, leverage data to improve service quality, and establish the agility to introduce new promotions within hours and instantiate them within seconds. Amdocs CES 10 is specifically designed to help them do that and win customer attention time after time, in ways they couldn’t before, developing stronger customer affinity to better compete.”

1 According to internal Amdocs benchmarks of customer pilot deployments. Customer results may vary.

2 According to recent IDC research, 50 percent of global C-level and senior service provider decision makers predict it will take their companies more than five years to transform. Research was commissioned by Amdocs and published February 2016.

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Amdocs is the market leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers. For more than 30 years, Amdocs solutions, which include BSS, OSS, network control, optimization and network functions virtualization, coupled with professional and managed services, have accelerated business value for its customers by simplifying business complexity, reducing costs and delivering a world-class customer experience.

The Amdocs portfolio enables service providers to capture the world of digital immediacy by operating across digital dimensions to engage customers with personalized, omni-channel experiences; creating a diversified business to capture new revenue streams; becoming data empowered to make business and operational decisions based on insight-based and predictive analytics; and achieving service agility to accelerate the fast rollout of new technologies and hybrid network services.

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