Conversica Recognizes Seven Top Performers in Annual "Sales Effectiveness: Lead Follow-up" Research

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Feb. 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Conversica, the leading provider of artificial intelligence-based lead engagement software for marketing and sales, today announced the seven winners of its inaugural Sales Effectiveness: Lead Follow-Up research project. The project assessed more than 300 organizations across nine industries to determine how well they respond to sales leads.

Seven organizations earned an overall "A" grade in the research and received the "Best in Class" award for 2015:

B2B Best in Class:

B2C Best in Class:

The Conversica-commissioned research looked at the four elements critical to the successful engagement of sales leads: promptness, persistence, personalization and performance. 327 companies across nine industries were rated on the speed with which they responded, the persistence of their outreach, the personalization of their email responses and the performance of their email deliverability. Each company received a letter grade in each category based on a best-practices grading scale. The seven winners were the only ones to earn an overall "A" grade.

"I want to congratulate these seven Best in Class organizations for their exceptional lead follow-up practices," said Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. "Getting everything right every time is more difficult than most organizations realize, as evidenced by the surprising number of poor performers uncovered in the research. And, in addition to seeing iconic sales and marketing companies like Salesforce and Marketo doing so well, it's rewarding to see smaller organizations putting all four Ps into place to deliver a great customer experience."

"But there's plenty of room for improvement across industries," added Terry. "Over 30% of organizations surveyed didn't respond at all to a sales lead, and another 40% received a low C or D grade for their lead follow-up practices. As we kick-off research for the 2016 edition of the report, I'm eager to see how increased awareness of the problem leads to improved performance for companies in all industries."

Conversica's 2015 Sales Effectiveness: Lead Follow-Up report breaks down company performance within B2B (Technology, Media/Publishing and Telecommunications) and B2C (Automotive, Brokerage, Education, Insurance, Mortgage and Real Estate) industries.

The report was derived from research conducted over three months using secret shopper personas seeking information about each company's product or service. In each case, the secret shopper submitted a website inquiry or sent an email request to the company's published "contact us" address. Responses were tracked, tallied and assessed to determine grades.

The full report can be downloaded at and companies may request their own personalized assessment at

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