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Cramer: Holy smokes, this stock is mesmerizing

Cramer: Holy smokes, this stock is mesmerizing

There have only been a few times this year when Jim Cramer thought that a company really got it. Though these occurrences are very few and far between, he was absolutely mesmerized by Home Depot on Tuesday.

"Apparently we have just enough Home Depots, just enough to generate spectacular 8.9 percent same-store sales growth, I don't know if I have the ability to explain just how amazing that is," the "Mad Money " host said.

Facebook and Alphabet totally astonished investors in their conference calls, too. Cramer described Facebook's call as "gem after gem of greatness" in its demonstrations of successful ad campaigns, empirical evidence of Facebook use and grandiose but realistic plans for virtual reality.

All I can say is WOW!
Jim Cramer
A customer measures a piece of plywood at a Home Depot in Miami, Florida.
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Alphabet's call was all about the future, and Cramer clearly understood that the company was ready to rule the world.

"It was a sky-is-the-limit call," the "Mad Money " host said.

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But no offense to all of these amazing companies — Cramer thinks Home Depot blew it out of the water and was even pantheon worthy.


Home Depot is in retail. All Cramer has heard from retailers lately are sad tales that make him feel like there is too much of everything. Too many department stores, furniture stores, kid stores, sporting goods stores, mattress stores — but not too many Home Depots.

Home Depot is linked to a housing market that has been dead in the water in the U.S. for ages. There is absolutely nothing new under the sun in this business that makes people want to run over to Home Depot immediately.

Not only is Home Depot doing great all over the country, but it had double-digit numbers in the South. Everyone one of its merchandising departments reported positive comparably sales.

"I mean come on, that is just nothing but fabulous pricing and customer service because, again, you can go anywhere to buy this stuff," Cramer said.

And guess what? Cramer thinks it can get better. The company is now forecasting 1.9 million new households, up from 1.3 million next year.

"All I can say is, wow!" Cramer said.

Best of all, though, was that the company did not complain. There weren't the usual retail complaints of weather, fickle customers, rising health care costs, inflation, the Fed or interest rates.

In short, Cramer thinks Home Depot is the paradigm. It is the Super Bowl winner and Hall of Famer, all rolled into one for retail.

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