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What's the next big restaurant? 10 brands to watch

Bowl of Heaven

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1. Bowl of Heaven

A California-based juice bar and smoothie shop, Bowl of Heaven has brought the taste of Hawaii to the West Coast. The company specializes in acai bowls, a thick, ice cream-like smoothie served in a bowl and topped with fresh fruit, grains and even vegetables.

The brand received the highest average restaurant ranking of 4.32 stars out of 5 and saw one of the highest rates of repeat customer check-ins, an indicator of consumer loyalty, according to Fishbowl. The company has 6,200 followers on Instagram, 4,100 likes on Facebook and around 500 Twitter followers.

Bowl of Heaven taps into two major trends, according to Dalton: health and smoothies.

"[There] is this idea of getting as much nutrition as you can into a plate; the idea of more bang for your buck in terms of nutrition," she said. "Bowl of Heaven is just different and exciting to people. It's one of the reasons it made our list. It's a fun brand."

Source: Bowl of Heaven