Kaybus Presents at CableLabs© Innovation Showcase

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kaybus, the leader in secure, cloud-based Knowledge Automation software for enterprises looking to transform their digital content management, participated in CableLabs Winter Conference February 9 -12 in Orlando, Florida. The company demonstrated how corporations are leveraging all the content that exists within an organization converting the content into a competitive advantage by automatically promoting the most relevant corporate content to particular employees without employees wasting time searching for what information they need to do their job.

The CableLabs Innovation Showcase is an exclusive opportunity for ten specifically selected companies to demonstrate their technologies to leaders in the cable industry. Each participant in this invitation-only event is given eight minutes to demonstrate their technological innovation and its value as a key enabler or strategic trend for this community. CableLabs is a non-profit R&D consortium lab funded by members from the cable industry. The organization holds a private conference biannually for members and demonstrating vendors, showcasing the industry’s newest technology solutions.

“We were honored to showcase how Kaybus can enable CableLabs Cable operator members to leverage all their internal content as a competitive advantage,” said Satish Chief Strategy Officer. “By using predictive analytics combined with personal content recommendations, Kaybus provides to each employee only the most relevant information needed to do their job.”

About Kaybus

Kaybus provides the industry leading Knowledge Automation application, enabling companies to use 100% of their content available in their employee’s daily tasks by providing personal content recommendations right to the desktop without searching. By securely leveraging existing content repositories, employees are empowered to connect globally and work with the content that is automatically promoted to each employee in a highly relevant manner rather than wasting time searching.

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