New Oral Essentials™ Whitening Formula Mouthwash is the Teeth Brightening Product Declared Safe for Daily Use

Los Angeles, Feb. 24, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Celebrity dentist and creator of Oral Essentials™ Dr. Kourosh Maddahi launches a whitening mouthwash deemed safe for daily use. Unlike other whitening products, which are known to cause enamel damage and tooth sensitivity overtime, the new Oral Essentials™ Whitening Formula Mouthwash introduces a stain lifting solution that is approved for regular use.

“Whether from a morning cup of coffee, a glass of red wine, soda, or tea, the majority of us are, one way or another, staining our teeth each day,” says Dr. Maddahi. “Naturally, it makes sense that if we are staining our teeth each day, we should also be whitening them each day. The issue is, there has not been an appropriate or safe way of doing this until now.”

Dr. Maddahi’s Oral Essentials™ Whitening Formula Mouthwash utilizes time-honored ingredients like aloe vera, Dead Sea salt and French essential oils, such as coconut, sage, and lemon oils, to gently lift stains from teeth, while also establishing a balanced and synergistic environment in the mouth. Additionally, the product is entirely free of alcohol, preservatives, dyes, and harsh bleaching ingredients. To cap it off, it is packaged in a sleek apothecary-style bottle that is entirely BPA-free.

“Most whitening products rely on hydrogen peroxide or baking soda as the active ingredients,” says Dr. Maddahi. “And, while these ingredients do a fine job whitening teeth once in a while, they are not safe for daily use. Their abrasive qualities have a tendency to wear away enamel when used regularly, leaving you more vulnerable to cavities and sensitivity. Now with Oral Essentials™ Whitening Formula Mouthwash, individuals can safely maintain their bright smiles daily without sensitivity, and without running into any secondary problems.”

On the heels of great success with his Oral Essentials™ Original Formula Mouthwash and a best selling book, the dentist’s latest product has already become a favorite of many celebrity patients, including Dancing with the Stars’ Emma Slater and actress Marisol Nichols.

Oral Essentials™ is available for purchase now at and at Amazon.


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Source: Dr.Kourosh Maddahi