Office Envy: Inside Atlassian's San Francisco headquarters

During an office tour of Atlassian with Jay Simons, visitors can get everything from a piano performance to an indoor bike ride as the gregarious company president shows off his unique office culture.

Atlassian is an enterprise software company based in San Francisco. Its headquarters boasts 40,000 square feet of open space that includes multiple cafes, an amphitheater, customized conference rooms and games which supports one of its company values, which is to "play as a team."

Employees can choose between a seated desk, standing desk or for one employee, Sarah, a treadmill desk, which had her walking and working throughout the day. When CNBC visited late one afternoon, she had done more than 6.2 miles.

Simons told CNBC that the amphitheater is a hot spot and used for a variety of events from family movie night to sporting events, "We're the home of the San Francisco Giants, so when they defend their World Championship status, we put it up on the big projectors and have the games on."

Atlassian’s San Francisco office
Source: Atlassian
Atlassian’s San Francisco office

The conference rooms in the space are named after gods and goddesses and include Athena, Atlas and Afrideiets. They also made phone booths for employees to find quiet places to talk in. The names include Newton, Einstein, Tesla and Galileo.

The cafes are stocked with snacks, fruits and drinks, and employees get free lunch.

The space has come a long way. Simons says that in the past, the building was a church, a book factory and a rave site.

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