Dynamic Signal Delivers Member To Member Messaging Feature in Latest Platform Release

SAN BRUNO, Calif., Feb. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dynamic Signal, the leading employee advocacy and engagement platform, recently announced its latest updates for customers. These include member to member messaging within the Dynamic Signal platform.

Member to member messaging allows members to send one to one messages to one another on the platform, or start a group message of up to 9 participants in total. With this latest feature, members can now depend on each other to learn about and share great content, in addition to receiving content in the traditional top down manner. Users can message each other about the types of content they are sharing, including links to other Dynamic Signal platform posts. This feature is available cross platform on web and mobile. Users can also message outside of the Dynamic Signal platform and invite fellow coworkers not enrolled to the community to join.

"Messaging has become the de facto way we communicate with friends, family and coworkers. It is efficient, effective and easy to use. Our member to member messaging feature gives our platform users this same easy way to talk and share," said Russ Fradin, CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Signal. "Communication functions within an organization are historically vertical, either top down or bottom up. Our messaging feature allows for horizontal communications between users, sourcing and sharing content peer to peer."

Dynamic Signal customers can find out about member to member messaging and all of the other features just released by contacting their Customer Success manager.

About Dynamic Signal - Dynamic Signal redefines how companies communicate with the world in order to grow their businesses. Its proven employee advocacy platform lets employees receive and post company-approved content to their social networks, transforming them into experts, advocates and contributors. By extending their social media strategies, Dynamic Signal's clients ignite brand awareness, employee engagement and revenue. With its founding team's 20 years of digital marketing expertise, hundreds of companies of all sizes trust Dynamic Signal to launch, scale and measure their Employee Advocacy programs. Founded in 2010, the company helps leading organizations, including IBM, Salesforce, Domo, SurveyMonkey Humana and Autodesk. Dynamic Signal is based in San Francisco, California and has raised $43 million to date. For more information, please visit www.DynamicSignal.com

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