Louis Berger delivers Timisoara-Lugoj Motorway in Romania seven months ahead of schedule

PARIS, Feb. 25, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Louis Berger successfully delivered — a full seven months ahead of schedule — project management, design and supervision services for the second phase of construction of the 150 million euro (163 million USD) Timisoara-Lugoj motorway. The Timisoara-Lugoi motorway is a section of the Romanian leg of the pan-European Corridor IV, which connects central Europe and Turkey.

"Louis Berger's quarter century of experience in Romania has given us extensive local knowledge of the local market," said Jesper Damgaard, Louis Berger's senior vice president and managing director for Europe. "That experience, coupled with perseverance and our commitment to excellence, has enabled us to build a positive reputation among clients as a preferred partner for a variety of transportation projects here."

The Timisoara-Lugoj motorway allows also for the bypass of Timisoara, one of Romania's largest and most important cities, and of twelve other smaller localities. The highway is a boon for commercial transportation, especially high tonnage vehicles crossing the border with Hungary. Local communities bordering the motorway also benefit from the improved quality standards, environmental safeguards and passenger safety provisions the highway provides.

Louis Berger has worked in Romania for 25 years, completing several hundred contracts for public and private sector clients in the transportation, environment, buildings and facilities, economic and institutional development, energy and mining markets. The company's work spans all project stages from master plans, financing and pre-feasibility studies to preliminary/conceptual design, construction supervision and maintenance.

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