Vital Launches Game-Changing Enterprise Interoperability Platform, Aiding Chief Information Officers Globally

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 26, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vital Images, Inc., (Vital), a Minneapolis-based advanced medical imaging and informatics company, launched an entirely new product category, Enterprise Interoperability Platform, in what is being coined “the CIO’s best friend.” The company’s Enterprise Interoperability Platform will be presented in the invitation only “VIP Technology Suite” at HIMSS (booth 732), February 29 – March 4, 2016 in Las Vegas, NV. While Vital continues to lead the world in advanced visualization and personalized medicine algorithms, 2016 heralds an increased focus on enterprise informatics and analytics. Vital is committed to bringing the vision and strategy behind advanced algorithm ingenuity into the informatics realm. The approach encompasses targeting informatics related to better outcomes in accountable care and collaborative care while integrating multiple EMR, HIE, VNA, PACS, ECM and more. As with the recently announced second-generation VNA on-demand and data migration solutions, the personalized viewing platform sets forth a next-generation revolution in HIE and EMR access enablement to the marketplace.

Vitals’ Enterprise Interoperability Platform addresses the missing link in the healthcare enterprise for departmental workflow beyond RIS style systems. This new solution bridges the gap between the HIE/EMR world and the multimedia, ECM, EMR and VNA realm. The platform provides semantic interoperability to all stakeholders in the healthcare enterprise, from healthcare providers, to the myriad of EMR, ESB, VNA and other imaging and multimedia vendors requiring interoperability. The solution was specifically designed to address the semantic interoperability chasm between discreet and structured data sets. This next-generation platform provides a toolkit for chief information officers and information technology vendors alike, to integrate and optimize previously separate or manual processes. This level Enterprise Interoperability Platform communicates with numerous sub-systems, such as ECM, VNA, PACS in synchronicity with EMR, HIE and many other healthcare information systems.

“We are excited to launch this new solution category to the global marketplace. Our ‘Vital Box’ delivers a toolkit aligned with our customer centered product development ethos,” said President and CEO at Vital, Jim Litterer. “This enterprise Interoperability platform provides an immediate non-disruptive solution in solving enterprise interoperability, always leveraging existing infrastructure, truly changing the face of the enterprise informatics marketplace forever. From an enterprise informatics perspective at Vital, this is our platform to provide enterprise interoperability; allowing for patient engagement; secure access to the patient’s complete health record and more in lockstep with the accountable care environment.”

“Based on direct feedback from customers seeking to solve interoperability challenges between numerous EMR, VNA, PACS and other multimedia sources, there was a definite need for a next generation enterprise style approach to departmental workflow,” said General Manager, Enterprise Informatics at Vital, Scott Galbari. “The need for rapid access to multiple vendor PACS and other multimedia content, from one viewer, was evident. Simplicity is mandatory for technology providers, in a marketplace steeped in growing government regulations, pressure on shared saving programs, increased focus on chronic disease management, bundled payments, Accountable Care Organizations and the HIPAA.”

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