Murphy Road Animal Hospital Aims to Find Homes for Unwanted Pets

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Feb. 28, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Murphy Road Animal Hospital’s Love At First Sight adoption center offers unwanted puppies and kittens a chance at a forever home.

Homeless Tennessee pets are getting a second chance thanks to a local veterinary clinic. Murphy Road Animal Hospital’s Love At First Sight adoption center helps ensure puppies and kittens find a home, without going to a local shelter where they might be euthanized.

“Our goal is really to help educate residents in the area about how important it is to spay and neuter,” explains Dr. I Craig Prior. “We also offer a safe alternative for those who find themselves with an unexpected litter of puppies or kittens that need good homes.”

The center—located across from the veterinary clinic—regularly takes in young pets under 12 weeks of age as an alternative to owners posting them on Craigslist, selling them, or giving them away to strangers. Many are also born at the animal hospital, which boasts a clean, safe pet nursery.

These kittens and puppies are given a thorough examination, receive immunization shots, and start socializing while they begin basic training classes with our adoption specialists. The adoption process is simple, but involves an application and interview to ensure the match between pet and owner is appropriate.

“This helps us ensure they are going to good homes and that they are healthy,” says Prior. “And that’s part of why we’ve continued the center for over twenty years.”

The staff at Love At First Sight states that these pets are usually adopted pretty quickly—especially the puppies. In fact, they usually have a hard time finding enough healthy dogs to meet the demand.

“Our adoption center at Murphy Road Animal Hospital is quite popular,” the doctor continues. “We’ve been fortunate to have such strong community support and are really proud of the affect we are having on Nashville’s stray pet population. But there’s still more to do.”

To date, over four thousand adoptions have taken place. The shelter regularly posts photos on its Facebook page of happy pets meeting their new owners. Happy pet parents also often reply back with updates on how their new furry family member is doing.

“And we see many as patients long after they’ve gone to a home,” Prior states. “Seeing these animals thrive in their new environments is always the fun part.”

Those interested in learning more about the center or finding their own cuddly companion to love can visit Murphy Road Animal Center online or call (615) 383-4241.

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