AREVA Med Partners With Art Institute of Dallas (U.S.) and École Supérieure de Design Troyes (France)

PLANO, Texas, Feb. 29, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AREVA Med, with roots in France and the U.S., has selected two top design schools – French École Supérieure de Design Troyes and U.S. Art Institute Dallas Texas – to work on key elements of its new high-purity lead-212 (212Pb) production facility under construction in Plano, Texas.

Five teams composed of 35 students from both schools will work on design proposals for the lobby, conference room, and “monument sign” in front of the building. AREVA Med will assess the projects and select the best design for this state-of-the-art facility. The winning team will see the results of their project at the opening ceremony.

Patrick Bourdet, CEO of AREVA Med said: “This project is symbolic of AREVA Med’s innovative and collaborative spirit and, demonstrates our commitment to the local community and our willingness to facilitate exchanges between people from different cultures. This is also an excellent way for students to work on a real project and see the tangible results of their accomplishments.”

Heather Carter, Interior Design Program Coordinator at the Art Institute of Dallas, said: “Understanding global perspectives is one of the professional standards our students must meet as part of our interior design program. This collaboration with French peers will give our students an opportunity to develop their knowledge of another culture and they are excited to work with other programs and nations in blended teams. It is a very positive undertaking, and we appreciate AREVA Med for initiating it.”

Séverine Nomdedeu, Director of École Supérieure de Design Troyes, added: “Managing practical projects is at the heart of our strategy. Made possible by AREVA Med, the collaboration with the Art Institute of Dallas represents a tremendous opportunity to exchange, share, and create, and is in line with the transcultural opening that we hope to bring to our students and the way we teach design.”

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AREVA Med is the AREVA Group medical subsidiary formed in 2009 to develop new therapies to fight cancer. AREVA Med has developed a unique process to extract lead-212 (212Pb), a rare metal used in targeted alpha therapy (TAT), a novel approach which targets and destroys cancer cells, while limiting the impact on nearby healthy cells. AREVA Med collaborates with world-renowned scientific partners, and formed a strategic global alliance with Roche in 2012, to create a new advanced alpha radioimmunotherapy platform. For more information: Follow @AREVAmed on Twitter.

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