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McDonald's turns some Happy Meals into VR goggles?

McDonald's turns Happy Meals into VR goggles

Are those Chicken McNuggets real? Depends on whether you're wearing a McDonald's Happy Meal box on your face.

Fast-food giant McDonald's is following in Google's Cardboard footsteps for virtual reality and releasing Happy Meal boxes that can turn into VR headsets called Happy Goggles.

They'll be sold in Sweden for a limited time.

The company, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Happy Meal in Sweden, will roll out about 3,500 Happy Goggles at 14 restaurants in the Nordic country over the weekends of March 5 and March 12; each will sell for around $4.10, according to AdWeek.

McDonald's Happy Goggles will be paired with "Slope Stars" a 360-degree virtual-reality skiing game endorsed by the Swedish National Ski Team.

The restaurant's newest Happy Meal extension is reminiscent of Pizza Hut's pizza box movie projectors, which debuted last year for a limited time.

McDonald's, which declined to comment further, is just the latest business to jump on Silicon Valley's virtual bandwagon. Sony, Facebook, Samsung and Microsoft are among the major players in the virtual-reality game, however, last year, toymaker Mattel revitalized its View-Master as a virtual headset.

Of course, this new technology has faced some parental backlash over health and safety concerns. McDonald's says it hired two child psychologists to give recommendations for how the headsets should be used by kids.

Happy Goggles are only available in Sweden, for now. If successful, the company hopes to roll out the product in other countries in the future.