Anson Belt Triples Holiday Sales With Amazon Debut

PHOENIX, March 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Anson Belt and Buckle, a producer of high quality micro-adjustable belts, released record-breaking holiday sales numbers for 2015. The company’s owners, David Ferree and Frank Ferree, partnered with ChannelCode—a division of SP Express— in September to launch the brand on Amazon, a move that they credit with their record-breaking holiday performance.

“We were selling exclusively from our own ecommerce site, and we knew we were losing business to our competitors,” says David Ferree. “ChannelCode got us up and running on Amazon in September, and we immediately began to recapture that lost traffic.”

Anson’s sales tripled in the first two months following their Amazon launch, and tripled again in December. ChannelCode’s listing optimization and marketplace management services expedited the company’s Amazon launch, and ensured a quick rise to the top of branded rankings.

“We couldn’t be happier with our results,” says Ferree. “And we couldn’t have done it so quickly without ChannelCode.”

About Anson Belt and Buckle
Founded by Frank Ferree and his son David Ferree in 2009, Anson Belt and Buckle produces and markets a high quality, build-your-own micro-adjustable belt. Offering 13 buckle and 24 belt options, Anson’s products can be combined in over 200 ways to create perfectly fitted belts that match a customer’s unique style. Anson’s founders stand behind their products with an unlimited, lifetime repair or replace guarantee.

About ChannelCode
As a division of SP Express, ChannelCode provides complete marketplace management solutions for brands and sellers across multiple online channels. ChannelCode’s focused marketplace solutions empower sellers to take control of their brands and stabilize multichannel revenue. Their offerings include brand protection, listing optimization, inventory management, eCommerce integrations, and live pricing audits. For more information, visit

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