Screens International to Expand Service Offerings to Viacom (NASDAQ:VIAB)

Beirut, March 01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Building on top of 10 years of mutual cooperation with American global mass media giant, Viacom Inc (NASDAQ:VIAB), represented in multiple channels, Screens International is expanding its ventures by signing an agreement to cover additional services offered to new channels to be launched in the coming few months.

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Apart of the work offered to MTV Networks, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and VH1, Screens International will be facing new challenges of building dedicated teams of professional Arabic localization, with sole purpose of servicing Viacom’s new requirements.

“This undertaking proposed a need to experiment with new technologies that will soon be fundamental to our industry. Be it privately developed subtitling software and Arabic Translation Memories, or using Audio Recognition tools to Align voice-overs, notably helpful in animated programs. It is a deployment of new Arabic Localization technology that we are ultimately excited to pioneer”, explained Mario Daher, VP Strategy at Screens.

The company is also benefitting from strengthening its ties not only with a decade long partner, but also with a media giant. From a financial point of view, this move will set the company as one of the leading providers of Arabic subtitles and dubbing in the near future.

On another hand, the new programs to be expected are a colorful array of TV genres ranging from animated shows for kids, teenage sitcoms and daily live talk shows. For a subtitling company, this kind of business is very demanding and only providers with good solid experience, large dynamic teams and technologically adept like Screens will be fit for the job. To Screens International, this is largely considered as a new milestone in its timeline, breathing new fresh air in the industry of subtitling and dubbing.

About Screens International

Screens International is a global provider of subtitling, dubbing and media processing for VOD. Established in 1991 in Beirut, Screens is now a major player in global market. They can be reached via their website

About Viacom Inc (NASDAQ:VIAB)

Viacom, Inc. (short for Video & Audio Communications) is an American global mass media company with interests primarily in cinema and cable television. It is the world's sixth largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue.

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