Woodman: This is the biggest year ever for GoPro

GoPro's founder and CEO Nick Woodman is optimistic that 2016 is going to be a record year for the company even though the camera maker's stock hit an all-time low last year.

"We've got a terrific product road map. 2016 is the single most exciting year for new product that we've ever had at GoPro. Whether it's hardware, software, entertainment products that we're developing, this is the biggest year ever for GoPro," Woodman said Tuesday on CNBC's "Squawk on the Street."

GoPro announced on Monday that it has agreed to acquire two mobile video editing apps, Replay and Splice, which the company intends to merge into GoPro's mobile strategy. The apps are intended to "deliver ultra-convenient, yet powerful, mobile editing solutions to GoPro customers and billions of smartphone users," the company said in a statement.

"We acquired them to accelerate our vision of making it easy for people to create and share engaging content. We think that the mobile platform, your smartphone, and tablet are the best and most convenient platforms for editing in the future," Woodman said.

Woodman noted that if GoPro can become a standard for how people share stories, the company would then be poised to attract new customers and boost camera sales.

"We're opening GoPro up not just to GoPro customers, but to billions of smartphone users around the world to make it easier for them to create and share great content with their smartphones," he added.

While there has been speculation about Woodman possibly leaving the company after GoPro's stock fell more than 70 percent last year, he said he's committed to running GoPro long term.

"GoPro has massively enhanced my own life experience and documenting my family experience and development of my three boys, and I think that, you know, life is about pursuing your passions, your interests, and doing what you love. I'm fortunate that I get to express myself through GoPro."