Farm to Skin is In: Ormana Sets a New Skincare Standard with Natural Anti-Aging Products that are Practically Made-to-Order

Los Angeles, March 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morocco’s first luxury skincare brand Ormana introduces “farm-to-skin” products that are harvested and bottled in the same day. Available online and at select specialty retailers, the nature-based anti-aging line’s products are formulated in small batches to ensure the utmost freshness and efficacy.

“Ormana is a bit different from most conventional skincare brands in that we have our own farms where we grow and harvest our rare precious oils,” says Ghita Chakir, vice president of marketing for Ormana. “Not only does this give us greater control regarding the quality and purity of our ingredients, but it also means we can adjust the size of our batches depending on the demand.”

Ormana is known for providing some of the highest quality and most authentic forms of Prickly Pear and Argan oils, two botanicals lauded for their powerful anti-aging effects. Each oil variety is extracted by hand during the peak of ripeness and is bottled immediately thereafter. As a result, its ingredients are 100 percent free from impurities, unlike many drugstore beauty brands that process their products in bulk.

“The entire line is rooted in the anti-aging rituals passed down by generations of Moroccan women,” said Chakir. “We’ve aimed to stay as true to those rituals as possible, which means cultivating and formulating our products with great care and patience. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but in the end, it makes all of the difference.”

From the purest precious oils to advanced formulas for the face, body, and lashes, Ormana offers a wide range of natural beauty solutions designed to boost the skin’s defenses and reverse signs of aging. All of its products are free from chemical-preservatives, parabens, silicones, coloring agents, and animal testing.

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About Ormana

Introducing the Morocco’s first luxury skincare brand, Ormana blends the best of nature, science, and tradition to enhance and reinforce the skin’s natural defenses. A translation of “natural gold of Morocco,” Ormana directly grows, sources, and bottles the region’s most authentic botanical ingredients, such as organic Argan and Prickly Pear Oils, to deliver the purest and most effective anti-aging solutions, without the need for harsh chemicals.

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Source: Ormana