Oakridge Commercial Introduction of Lithium-ion Motorcycle Batteries at 75th Annual Daytona Beach Bikefest

Palm Bay, FL, March 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc.

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Oakridge Commercial Introduction of Lithium-ion Motorcycle Batteries at 75th Annual Daytona Beach Bikefest



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March 2, 2016 Palm Bay, Florida – Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB: “OGES”) is excited to announce the commercial introduction of its groundbreaking Liberty Series lithium ion motorcycle batteries at the 75th anniversary of the iconic Daytona Beach Bikefest. The Daytona Beach Bikefest runs from March 4 through the 14th and Oakridge will be promoting and selling its Liberty Series motorcycle batteries at the Company’s booth at Daytona Beach’s Rossmeyer Harley Davidson right off of highway I-95.

Oakridge’s Liberty Series provides a uniquely “Made-in-the-USA” lithium ion, long-life, high reliability battery solution for all models of the iconic “Made-in-the USA” Harley Davidson, Indian and Victory motorcycles. These are larger bikes with larger engines that require a powerful battery in order to start. Historically owners of motorcycles who did not ride at least every 7 to 14 days were forced to purchase a battery trickle charger, or tender, along with somewhat frequent purchases of replacement AGM or Lead Acid batteries, due to their propensity to go flat and not start their bikes.

In addition, the powerful Oakridge Liberty Series lithium ion batteries remove as much as 17 pounds from the weight of the largest bikes as the Oakridge high-tech lithium batteries are significantly lighter than their lead acid predecessors due to the inherent lightness of lithium, which is the lightest metal in existence with an atomic weight of only 3, whereas lead has an atomic weight more than 27 times heavier.

By utilizing the Oakridge specialized battery management system and proprietary electro-chemistry, the Liberty Series motorcycle batteries go without charging for up to 12 months and still start a large motorcycle, because Oakridge’s Liberty Series batteries have a typical self discharge of 1% or less per month while the traditional lead acid and AGM cells typically self discharge at 10% to 15% per month. Moreover, the Liberty Series batteries have an average lifespan of 5 to 10 years depending on the application as opposed to lead acid and AGM batteries that have an average lifespan of only 18 to 36 months. This provides the motorcycle enthusiast with a much better motorcycle ownership experience and allows them to focus on the having fun with their bike and not on the battery routinely being flat.

“Our senior management team at Oakridge owns more than 15 American motorbikes here in the US and we all agreed early on that one of our key products would be motorbike batteries because we were all fed up with the standard lead acid batteries always going flat,” said Oakridge Executive Chairman and CEO, Steve Barber. “With my travel schedule over the past 30+ years, I have been a frequent owner of flat batteries when I wanted to have a nice relaxing ride. We have spent the past 12 months refining and finalizing this product and are excited to announce that we are delivering the Liberty Series product line to the public at the iconic Daytona Beach Bikefest. And the fact that this year is the famous event’s 75th anniversary makes it that much better for us to have the commercial release of the Liberty Series at this year’s Bikefest. With the commercial production release of the “Made in USA” Liberty Series batteries, Oakridge is continuing our fundamental mission to onshore manufacturing back to the US and we will continue to introduce new and exciting products. As avid motorbike enthusiasts, our team at Oakridge is very excited to be commercially shipping our Liberty Series batteries beginning this week. We are also excited to announce that we will also be gradually extending our Liberty Series batteries to all other brands of motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and boats as well.”

The Oakridge product development team has worked with numerous lithium battery professionals internally and externally to produce the Liberty Series product range. The batteries are all manufactured in the Oakridge Palm Bay, Florida facility. Battery pack design, battery management system design, and mechanical design of all component systems have been completed by leaders in their respective industry segments in the USA.

“We are really excited about this product. Oakridge is THE “Made In The USA” battery company and included in our initial product release for the Liberty Series are batteries for the three quintessential iconic American motorcycles: Harley Davidson, Indian, and Victory. We conducted standing tests where we installed our battery in one of my personal bikes and let it sit for 32 days. On the 32nd day it started up better than it would with a brand new lead acid battery. We also gave one of our early prototypes to a Harley Davidson owner over a year ago. He was called to active duty with the military and was out of country for just over 1 year. He called us up and told us that after 1 year of his bike in storage without starting and without a battery tender his bike started right up with our prototype Liberty Series battery! This is just one more example of how Oakridge it taking the worry out of our favorite hobbies while at the same time providing a much safer, zero maintenance, long-life battery system with our high quality ‘Made in USA’ battery systems,” adds Mr. Barber.

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