UPDATE -- TargetX Announces 9th Annual CRM Users Summit in San Diego, July 17-19 With Keynote Speaker Julie Lythcott-Haims, Author of How to Raise an Adult

PHILADELPHIA, March 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, TargetX announced its 9th Annual CRM Users Summit, scheduled to take place July 17-19 in San Diego, California. The conference offers in-depth product trainings, client-led sessions and other opportunities for attendees to share their experiences and best practice advice for building relationships with students, alumni, and other key constituencies. The conference is open to current clients as well as colleges investigating CRM solutions for their own campus.

“Every year TargetX creates more direct, more far-reaching ways for our clients to truly connect with and support students, from a revolutionary mobile application process to private, mobile social communities with dramatic yield benefits,” says CEO of TargetX, Sasha Peterson. “What makes this conference so special is that every year we hear directly from our clients, offer hands-on trainings and roll up our sleeves alongside them to best serve their students.”

This year’s Summit will feature keynote speaker Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of the New York Times bestseller How to Raise an Adult, a provocative manifesto that draws on research, conversations with admissions officers, educators and employers, as well as her own insights as a mother and as a university dean to highlight the ways in which overparenting harms children, their stressed-out parents, and society at large. Lythcott-Haims spent a decade as the Dean of Freshmen at Stanford University, a position she created in 2002. Almost 20,000 undergraduates matriculated on her watch, and in 2010 she received the university’s Lloyd W. Dinkelspiel Award. To her students she was affectionately known as “Dean Julie.”

“I’m very excited to speak at the TargetX CRM Summit, an audience of higher ed professionals who are committed to serving the development of thriving young adults,” notes Lythcott-Haims. “We should all be interested in young adults being more and more capable of doing for themselves each year. We have before us a generation of adults who are failing to launch, who are underdeveloped in their ability to handle the stuff of life.”

The annual conference brings together admissions, marketing, advancement and information technology professionals from colleges around the country to learn how to make better use of the company’s products and services and to share their successes and challenges with colleagues.

Prospective clients interested in attending should contact Katlin Hess (hess@targetx.com). For more information on the conference, visit http://www.targetx.com/knowledge/crm-summit/.

About TargetX:
TargetX empowers institutions of higher ed to deliver on their promise — provide students with the skills necessary to achieve their life and career aspirations. We achieve this by solving the crisis of student success by creating a connected campus bridging data from enrollment to endowment. The company’s CRM is built on the powerful Salesforce.com platform— the most innovative customer relationship management system in the world. TargetX offers the most compelling and complete set of solutions, including the recent addition to the solution suite of two mobile-designed modules. The leading CRM company in higher ed, TargetX is reimagining the student experience through campuswide solutions that help colleges and universities build lifelong relationships with prospective students, current students and alumni. With its 17-year reputation for innovative technology and industry expertise, TargetX is the most trusted CRM provider in higher ed.

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