Big news coming up for the market: David Darst

There are plenty of catalysts in store for the markets, namely profits and the upcoming central bank meetings, independent investment consultant David Darst, told CNBC on Thursday.

"But, we are going under a bounce right now," the expert told "Closing Bell" on Thursday, adding that financials, oil, unemployment claims, Treasury rates, China and economic news have all shown positive signs lately.

Markets held a three-day streak of gains on Thursday: The Dow Jones industrial average closed up about 45 points, the S&P 500 gained 7 points and the Nasdaq closed up 4 points on the day. Meanwhile, Treasury yields were lower on Thursday, with the 2-year yield near 0.83 percent and the 10-year yield around 1.83 percent.

In this light, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, told CNBC Thursday that the bank sees encouraging signs for the economy.

"What we see is the American economy, the actual economy the 145 million people working," he said in an interview with "Squawk Box." "They're spending money … they're spending the gas saved; we see the actual data."

Still, market watchers are eyeing Friday's job report.

Stephen Guilfoyle, managing director at Deep Value Execution Services, told "Closing Bell" that if economic data remains positive, the Federal Reserve may be raising rates before June.

"The statistics, if they don't lie, are somewhat better," he said. "If they can revise what they look at, I can revise my anticipation of a recession later this year; and I think I'm doing that."