Power Lunch Morning Brief

Los Angeles, California.
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Los Angeles, California.

A daily morning look at the financial stories you need to know to start the day


-It's all about the jobs report this morning that comes out at 830am Eastern. 190K net new jobs created is the expectation. Stock futures are flat and will likely stay flat until the report is released.

-But gold is not waiting. It's up more than 1% right now and at the $1,270/ounce level. This is basically a 13-month high.

-JPMorgan is advising clients to sell stocks ahead of an 'eventual' recession.

--And Moody's says the number of low-credit-worthy/financially distressed companies is reaching high levels not seen since 2009.


-Crude prices are also flat ahead of the jobs report, but nat gas continues to fall to 17-year lows.

-Gasoline prices moved up another penny overnight to $1.81/gallon, national average.


-At the GOP debate last night, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both blasted Donald Trump, while John Kasich looked to stay above the fray. But all of them said they would back Trump in November if he is the nominee.

-The Koch brothers say they will not get involved in funding anyone in the GOP primary, and that includes spending any money to block Donald Trump.

-The CEO of the world's biggest ad agency, WPP, tells CNBC he's convinced Hillary Clinton will be the next president.


-Kim Jong Un has put the NKorea army on nuclear standby.

-The US Navy has sent six more ships into the South China Sea to send a message to China.

-The US military is beginning to actively recruit women for combat jobs.

-The General Accounting Office says too many Navy shipbuilding contractors are getting paid a profit to fix construction mistakes they made in building naval ships.

-Beleaguered Ukraine could actually challenge Lockheed Martin's air transport market share with a jet known as the "Slavic C-130." It's real name is An-178,made by Antonov.


-California's bullet train project is delaying its projected opening of its first leg by three years to the year 2025.


-A new survey shows people are starting to be more willing to eat at Chipotle after all the health scares that began in November.