Chiropractic Health Clinic Warns Area Residents About Injury Related to Winter Activities, Offers Chiropractic Remedy

OMAHA, Neb., March 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chiropractic Health Clinic of Omaha would like to remind area residents about the hazards that winter weather in Nebraska can bring. Dangers like slips and falls, auto accidents and ergonomic issues while shoveling can all be major concerns for those who are dealing with winter weather. Chiropractic Health Clinic promotes preventative ergonomics while also offering chiropractic care for those who fall victim to the perils of winter.

Winter in the Midwest brings with it a range of potential health and safety hazards to both those driving in inclement weather and those out walking or dealing with snow clearing efforts. Proper back care is especially crucial during these winter months to defend as much as possible against the dangers of slipping and falling on ice or snow. Back, neck and spine issues can result while shoveling or using a snowblower.

Proper ergonomics related to snow shoveling are quite basic and could go a long way in saving the back, neck and spine. Chiropractic Health Clinic advises winter shovelers to spray the shovel with a Teflon spray so that snow can slide off it easier when throwing it. Doing some stretching warm ups is advised as well. The arms, back, shoulders and hamstrings (backs of the legs) should all be adequately stretched and warmed up before shoveling.

For proper ergonomics, the shovel should be held with one hand close to the shovel base for balance and to reduce back strain. Legs should be approximately one step apart in a “scissors stance,” with one leg in front of the other. Shovelers should keep the joints loose and supple with a slight bend at the knees – the legs should never be held stiff and straight. That said, shovelers should take care not to bend too deeply at the waist, or the lower spine muscles could be pulled. Each shovel full of snow should be slipped gently onto the snow bank while holding the shovel as low as possible. Snow should never be thrown abruptly.

Seeing a chiropractor regularly throughout the winter months can help to correct spinal issues caused by shoveling or other winter activities. Injuries caused by poor ergonomics, overuse or accidents can also be treated through chiropractic adjustment.

Dr. Mark Eiler of Chiropractic Health Clinic shares, “The winter months are full of pitfalls and hazards to back, neck and spinal health. We’re here to assist with prevention, treatment and pain management.”

Chiropractic Health Clinic is located in suite #230 at 2727 South 144th Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Those in the public who wish to learn more about proper ergonomics for winter activities should contact Chiropractic Health Clinic at (402) 778-5470. More information about the clinic and services offered is also available at the Chiropractic Health Clinic website.

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