Complete Eye Care of Medina Warns About Effects of Blue Light, Offers Assistive Products

MEDINA, Minn., March 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Complete Eye Care of Medina is warning the public about the dangers of high energy blue light in the environment and its potential effects on eye health. There is more of this vision hazard around us than ever before, and Complete Eye Care of Medina has a mission of providing access to healthy solutions for the residents of Medina and surrounding communities.

High energy blue light is right next to UV rays on the light spectrum. Recent research has shown that this blue light is extremely fatiguing on the eyes and potentially damaging to the entire visual system. Too much exposure to high energy blue light can also disrupt sleep patterns, and this in turn can profoundly affect overall health in a negative way.

This harmful blue light in our environment comes primarily from the sun; however, in recent years, the use of digital devices has caused blue light exposure to increase dramatically. Handheld digital devices, computer screens and LED light bulbs are all contributing to increased levels of high energy blue light in the environment. This causes resultant stress and strain on the entire visual system.

Fortunately, there are ways to help offset the effects of blue light. Complete Eye Care of Medina offers a revolutionary technological solution in BluTech lenses. BluTech lenses can help to prevent the damage that high energy blue light would otherwise cause.

BluTech lenses are well known for their ability to absorb blue light and in doing so protecting the eyes from this harmful, stressful exposure. BluTech lenses can also help the wearer to be more comfortable at their computer screen as well as when using smaller digital devices. Protection from blue light also promotes better sleep when BluTech lenses are used throughout the day.

Complete Eye Care of Medina carries both prescription and non prescription BluTech glasses. They also carry Digihealth iPhone screen protectors that can help to block 99 percent of UV light as well as 60 percent of HEV Blue light. Complete Eye Care of Medina will also soon be carrying Digihealth tablet screen protectors.

Dr. Gina Wesley explains, “While the evolution of technologies such as computers and tablets helps to simplify life in many ways, the blue light these and other devices emit can have a negative cumulative effect on eye health. We are pleased to offer the protection of BluTech technology to help our clients offset this.”

Complete Eye Care of Medina is located at 170 Westfalen Trail Medina in Medina, Minnesota. Those in the area who would like to learn more about blue light technology and the other services offered by Complete Eye Care of Medina may do so by calling (763) 478-3505. Additional information is also available at the Complete Eye Care of Medina website.

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