Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital is Ready to Provide Spring Animal Care

DUARTE, Calif., March 06, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital is prepared to treat pets for conditions common to spring time. Like humans, pets can have allergic reactions to environmental allergens like pollen or molds. An allergic reaction occurs when a pet's immune system begins to recognize ordinary environmental substances as dangerous. In response to the danger, its immune system mounts a defense by releasing histamine into the blood system. Allergies can successfully be treated by avoiding the allergen completely or seeking medical treatment.

According to Dr. Rahim Zabihi of Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, "Spring brings a host of pet-related problems. With the warmer weather, we usually see a sharp increase in weather related issues among the pets we serve. In addition to the normal run of flea and tick problems, we typically treat pets for seasonal allergies starting as soon as the weather warms. We encourage our clients to contact us at the first sign of allergy so that we can begin treatment immediately and provide some relief for their pet. It is nearly impossible for a pet to avoid their environmental allergens. We have several medications that can treat allergies in cats and dogs."

Signs of allergies in cats and dogs include changes in skin condition, watery eyes and sinuses, increased sneezing and increased itchiness around the eyes, nose and ears. "Pets cannot verbalize their symptoms, so it is up to pet owners to be vigilant and recognize the symptoms when they start," stated Dr. Zabihi. "Sometimes we see pet owners who delay treatment believing that the symptoms they have noticed are just a cold or that they will dissipate on their own. In the meantime, their pets are suffering needlessly. We would much rather see an animal who is displaying allergy related symptoms at the beginning of allergy season than the end of it."

Once a pet is diagnosed with allergies, it is important to continue treatment as each allergy season starts. "We cannot yet heal allergies to the environment or food, but we can manage the immune system's reactions. Allergies are like any chronic condition. You cannot expect it to disappear or be able to ignore it. If the seasonal allergen is present, the pet will react to it. The animal will need ongoing treatment each year to maintain the best quality of life possible," stated Dr. Zabihi.

To make an appointment or inquire about services, contact Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital at 626-357-2251. The hospital is located at 2714 East Huntington Drive, Duarte, California 91010. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. For more information, visit them online at http://duarteazusaanimalhospital.com/

Contact: Duarte Azusa Animal Hospital, 626-357-2251

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