New Research from Phoenix Marketing's Mobile Experience Platform, mXP, Reveals that Women of Childbearing Age are No More Concerned about Zika Virus than Men

RHINEBECK, N.Y., March 7, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Phoenix Marketing International (, a global marketing research firm, today revealed new insights from the company's mobile insights platform, mXP. The single question micro-study, sent across the network of 12 million+ mobile device users, revealed people's current level of concern regarding the Zika virus.

Half of the respondents expressed some level of concern about the virus, from slightly to very concerned:

  • 49% are Not Concerned
  • 21% are Slightly Concerned
  • 15% are Somewhat Concerned
  • 14% are Very Concerned

Surprisingly, women of childbearing age are no more concerned about the virus than other women or men in general, despite widespread media coverage stating the virus is most dangerous to pregnant women.

Younger people are typically less concerned about health issues, and this tendency holds true for the Zika virus, with 46% of those aged 18-34 expressing concern, compared to 53% of those 35 and older.

"Becoming a parent often changes how we view health risks, and parental status seems to be the greatest factor impacting people's concerns for the Zika threat," said Ken Kerr, VP of Phoenix Healthcare, citing the 56% to 39% disparity between parents and those without children who are concerned about the Zika virus.

The mXP platform reaches out, via mobile devices, to individuals daily to capture their opinions of various topics of the day. In a matter of hours, tens of thousands of responses are collected. Consumers can be reached - and re-targeted - at specific locations as they shop for products, utilize services or engage in activities, to capture their in-the-moment experiences.

About mXP

mXP, powered by SessionM, is a suite of mobile products that include Phoenix's best-in-class market research methods, vertical industry expertise, and advanced analytics. mXP products provide access to an extensive network of on-the-go consumers, sourced from 100+ million mobile device users and among a coalition of 1,700 integrated mobile apps. mXP provides marketers with insights quickly, acquiring more than 275,000 responses each day, allowing for accelerated delivery of decision-making information and answers to business critical questions.

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