The American Dream Comes to Life in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains

HAWLEY, Pa., March 7, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The notion of the American Dream is one that holds a special place in the hearts of the owners of Woodloch Resort, an all-inclusive family resort located in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains.

In 1939, Mary Mould and Harry Kiesendahl, high school sweethearts from Long Island, NY, snuck away to a summer camp nestled in the Northern Pocono Mountains on pristine Lake Teedyuskung. In 1944, the pair married, making it through Harry's tour of duty in World War II, and settled down to start a family. While raising her three young children in New York, Mary often thought about the beautiful lake. Fate intervened one day when Harry saw a sale listing in the New York Times for a small resort on a private lake in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Miraculously, that lake turned out to be Teedyuskung. In April of 1958, Harry and Mary purchased the 12-acre Poconos resort, which included a main lodge, annex and two cottages that could accommodate a total of 40 guests.
In the years that followed, the family resort grew. Harry and Mary's oldest son, John, took the helm, and by 1983, the property encompassed 135 guest rooms and spanned 150 acres. John's original visions for expansion made Woodloch what it is today – an award-winning family resort (Woodloch Pines), championship golf course (Woodloch Springs) and sister property featuring a luxury destination spa (The Lodge at Woodloch) – all of which are spread across over 1,800 acres and can accommodate over 1,000 guests.
As President and C.E.O. of Woodloch, John continues to operate the company alongside his brother and five of his seven children. The family remains committed to Woodloch's original mission to "treat all guests as if they were company in their own homes." This enduring dedication to guests is what truly sets Woodloch apart from other resorts.
Voted by TripAdvisor as the number one hotel for families in America, Woodloch Pines has achieved incredible success over the years. From Harry and Mary's early dreams of a life together in the Pocono Mountains to having their children and grandchildren run a nationally-renowned resort, it is clear that the Kiesendahl family has realized their own American Dream. In celebration of this familial success, Woodloch will host its first-ever "Milestone Celebration Weekend."

During the weekend of April 22-24, Woodloch will not only celebrate its 58th year in business, but also the 70th birthday of John Kiesendahl, the 60th birthday of John's brother Steven Kiesendahl, the 35th year of management by the second generation, and the 25th year that Woodloch Springs has been in operation. In addition to live performances and celebratory toasts and tributes, the Kiesendahl family will compete with guests in the family resort's signature games and activities. The highlight of the weekend, however, will be a charity "Funny Pants" auction, with all proceeds benefitting BK Hope Cures, a foundation started by John's son Bob that has raised over $1 million in funds for cancer research.
Since 1981, John has been wearing "funny pants," adorned with various superheroes, children's book characters, and holiday themes. These pants helped remind John to smile during his early days of ownership as well as to help keep a lighthearted fun atmosphere among employees and guests at Woodloch. "It was great to see guests start to respond to pants as I would wear them," says John. "All in all, I have probably 60 pairs of pants. I'm attached to them all, but my current favorites are my brand new Star Wars pants!"
During Milestone Celebration Weekend, all-inclusive rates start at just $199 per adult per night. For more information or to book a stay during, please visit: or call 1.800.WOODLOCH.

About Woodloch Pines Resort:
Creating a magical experience for families since 1958, Woodloch Pines Resort's signature warm hospitality keeps guests returning year after year and offers a truly unique all-inclusive family vacation experience fitting for everyone's taste. An award-winning family resort, championship golf course and sister property featuring a luxury destination spa is just 95 scenic and convenient miles from New York City nestled in the Pocono Mountains Lake Region.

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