Could Apple have a 5.8-inch phablet in the pipeline?

Apple could be making a 'phablet'
Apple could be making a 'phablet'

Reports of a big change to future iPhone screens had technology blogs buzzing Tuesday.

Apple could launch a iPhone with a 5.8-inch display by 2018 or sooner, according to supply chain analysts at the Taiwanese site Digitimes. The Motley Fool originally obtained the Digitimes report before publication.

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The screen would be larger than rival Galaxy Note 5's 5.7-inch display, with similar active-matrix organic light-emitting diodes (AMOLED), The Motley Fool reported. If true, the tablet-like design would be a departure from current iPhone displays, which max out at 5.5 inches on the iPhone 6s Plus, which has an LED-backlit display, according to Apple's website.

Apple did not immediately respond to CNBC's request for comment.

To be sure, the rumors are just that — rumors — and have come under fire from some industry insiders. Forbes noted that Digitimes is often criticized for "sketchy" reports while technology blog 9to5Mac warns readers to "consider the source" and blog AppleInsider called the news "absurd."

Still, a new display, while pricey, would put Apple closer to the cutting edge of display technology, according to The Motley Fool's report.

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