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Cramer: Stop missing gains & start to nail it

Cramer: How to stop missing big gains & nail it

To investors kicking themselves for missing the gains on Verizon, Caterpillar and Home Depot, Jim Cramer says to stop fretting.

"Welcome to the club that defines this market, especially on days like today," the "Mad Money " host said.

Instead, Cramer wants investors to learn from these moves and figure out how to nail the opportunity in the future.

In the beginning of February, Home Depot's stock dropped to around $111 from $126. When Cramer did a little digging, he realized that the only relevant piece of information from Home Depot at the time was a press release that said it would hire more than 80,000 workers for the spring gardening season.

You just need to stay clear-headed so you can stop saying 'I missed it,' and start screaming, 'I nailed it'
Jim Cramer
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When Cramer compared it with last year's release, he realized that Home Depot was more bullish than it was last year with hiring. Yet, the stock was still crushed as many investors worried about news of Deutsche Bank's ability to pay back convertible bonds.

If anything, that should have been a buy signal, not a sell. The only inputs Cramer could find were positive ones.

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"If you stepped up around the time of the hiring binge announcement, you could have had a gigantic gain. But fear probably kept you out of it," Cramer said.

Caterpillar was a tough one because there was so much negative news surrounding its customers from when it reported on Jan. 28. But the company delivered an earnings beat, and Cramer interpreted this number as the real deal as it was clear that cuts in jobs and costs were paying off.

While many consider Caterpillar to be a play on China, Cramer would rather invest in the stock on the prices of commodity production from its customers. It was clear that the gigantic production cutbacks in the natural resources group had finally allowed demand to catch up with supply. That means orders for Caterpillar could start to rise.

"On those grounds, CAT was a screaming buy," Cramer said.

Even though the stock fell on Tuesday, Cramer was willing to bet that analysts will upgrade the stock the first chance they get.

Ultimately, not every sell-off is a buying opportunity, but for each one of these stocks, there was an opportunity out there just waiting to be grabbed. Just remember that the S&P 500 futures will take down a lot of stocks that don't deserve to be crushed.

"You just need to stay clear-headed so you can stop saying 'I missed it,' and start screaming, 'I nailed it,' " Cramer said.

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