Berjé Inc. Acquires CEssence

CARTERET, N.J. , March 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Berjé Inc., a global leader and distributor of essential oils and aromatic chemicals, is proud to announce its acquisition of CEssence Switzerland, a family-owned producer and distributor of Cognac Oils. Berjé has already begun production of the oil following the acquisition.

A third generation family-owned Swiss business, CEssence is known for its caring, artisanal production of a century old, quality essential oil. CEssence’s tradition will continue, as Berjé will now serve as the producer and distributor of the Cognac Oils, which are used primarily to provide a dry, wine like, and slightly fruity note in flavors and fragrances.

“The continuity and concerns of smaller family owned producers and distributors is of great importance to us and to our industry, which is being plagued by consolidations ultimately dismembering the entities which historically laid the framework of the flavor and fragrance trades,” said Kim Bleimann, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Berjé. “It is these smaller companies who face insurmountable regulatory, environment challenges and compliance burdens upon their structure and finances. This important new acquisition falls directly in line with Berjé’s strategic plan to provide our international and domestic customers with the most superior range of raw materials. As a fellow family owned company, we are proud to have the opportunity to enliven and continue the traditions of CEssence and look forward to advancing our position within the industry.”

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About Berjé Inc.

Berjé is a global distributor of essential oils and aromatic chemicals. The company has more than 60 years of experience supplying the flavor, fragrance, pharmaceutical and allied trades and is committed to food quality and safety, having earned its Level 3 Safe Quality Food (SQF) certification from the Safe Quality Food Institute (SFQI) with a rating of “Excellent.” The Carteret, N.J.-based company maintains more than 3,000 items in inventory and provides distribution from facilities in New Jersey, Los Angeles and Chicago. The family-owned company’s origin and strength lie in its ability to source materials for customers ranging from major corporations to entrepreneurs. Berjé’s manufacturing capabilities include blending, filtering, decolorizing, custom formulation and fragrance compounding. For more information, visit

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