Mother Earth Toons’ “I’ve Got a Habitat” Celebrates 250,000 Views on YouTube

Los Angeles, March 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Environmentally-focused children’s entertainment company Mother Earth Toons announced today its animated music video “I’ve Got a Habitat” has reached 250,000 views on YouTube. The song, which has gained international recognition among teachers, parents, and kids alike, will also be made into an educational children’s book later this year.

“When Mark and I began collaborating on the songs and animations for Mother Earth Toons the mission was really simple: to make children happy. The fact that we are also offering a unique education and social consciousness is just the added bonus,” said Harry Garfield, singer/songwriter and co-founder of Mother Earth Toons. “I think ‘I’ve Got a Habitat’ offers something particularly special in the realm of children’s music. Not only is it more sophisticated musically, but it also raises children’s awareness of nature and the vital role it plays in the lives of the animals they adore.”

In addition to “I’ve Got a Habitat,” Mother Earth Toons has released several additional animated music videos for children, each one tackling a different environmental, ethical, or social issue. The company’s unique approach to children’s music and entertainment has quickly gained global attention from both parents and teachers interested in educating their children and students on topics that extend beyond simple colors, shapes, and animals.

“When we first released ‘I’ve Got a Habitat,’ we really had no idea it would be this well received,” said Mark Lewis, co-founder and animator for Mother Earth Toons. “Now, we are receiving messages almost daily from parents who love it and educators who are actively implementing the video into their lesson plans.”

Other animated music videos from Mother Earth Toons include “Endangered Species Act,” “Wind Farm,” and “Organic Planet Farm.”

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About Mother Earth Toons

Founded by Harry Garfield and Mark Lewis, Mother Earth Toons is a children’s entertainment company specializing in animated music videos that cover important environmental and social issues. From climate change to green energy options, its songs and animations touch on various pertinent topics in a way that is fun and easy for children to understand. In addition to its lauded animated music videos, Mother Earth Toons is also in the process of releasing several educational children’s books covering the same and similar subjects.

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