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Can Donald Trump make your stock portfolio great again?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump

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Making the stock market great again?

What would President Donald Trump mean for the stock market? Commentators have been trying to puzzle this out, in efforts ranging from the serious to the playfully silly.

Mitt Romney and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman think Trump could sink the economy, while "Shark Tank" judge and chairman of O'Leary Funds, Kevin O'Leary, thinks stocks would soar in a Trump presidency.

Between all of The Donald's endless exegeses of poll numbers, he has put a lot of big proposals on the table that voters and investors can assess. Here are some basic conclusions about the sectors of the market that would be most in play if Mr. Trump goes to Washington.

By Tim Mullaney, special to
Posted 10 March 2016

Jabin Botsford | The Washington Post | Getty Images