The National Society of Leadership and Success Conducts Political Survey with College Students

HOBOKEN, N.J., March 11, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The National Society of Leadership and Success has conducted an online survey of its members to understand what influences and motivates college students politically. The Society, which has chapters on over 500 college campuses, conducted the survey between February 15th and February 29th, 2016 and garnered responses from students from all 50 states. The survey explored issues most important to college students, traits they seek in a presidential candidate, as well as methods for accessing political news. The survey received over 10,000 responses from 484 Society chapters including The Ohio State University, University of Missouri, North Carolina State, University of Oregon, UC Berkeley, Penn State and the University of Florida to name a few. With upcoming primaries in Ohio, North Carolina, Missouri, Florida and Illinois, the findings may be an indicator of how the candidates will perform in those states.

"With over 95% of survey respondents indicating they intend to vote in the presidential election, these findings provide critical insight into the issues that impact students' voting, feelings towards candidates and how they currently identify politically," said Charles Knippen, National President, The National Society of Leadership and Success.

The most important issues to the college students surveyed (in order):

1.Economy/Job Growth
2.Cost/Quality/Access to Higher Education
3.Health Care
4.National Security
5.Environmental Issues

Other top issues for those surveyed:

  • Stricter Gun Control – 49% support, 33% oppose, 17% no opinion
  • Increase to Minimum Wage – 59% support, 27% oppose, 14% no opinion
  • Increase funding to fight terrorism - 55% support, 20% oppose, 25% no opinion
  • Offering citizenship to those entering the country illegally - 36% support, 44% oppose, 20% no opinion
  • Employment protection for LGBT workers – 57% support, 14% oppose, 29% no opinion
  • Legalization of marijuana for medicinal use - 65% support, 13% oppose, 22% no opinion
  • Legalization of marijuana for recreational use – 36% support, 36% oppose, 28% no opinion

Who the students are most likely to vote for:

Sanders – 39%, Clinton – 18%, Trump – 14%, Rubio – 10%, Cruz – 9%, Kasich – 3%

When the students are broken down by age (traditional age students: 16-24, and non-traditional 25+):

On the Democratic side, younger students overwhelmingly "Feel The Bern". Among Republican respondents, Trump and Rubio run neck and neck.

Sanders - 44.8%, Clinton - 12.8%, Trump - 11.3%, Rubio - 10.9%, Cruz - 8.4%

The race between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is much tighter with older students while Trump has a commanding lead over Cruz and Rubio on the Republican side. Also, Cruz scored higher than Rubio with older students.

Sanders - 28.8%, Clinton - 25.5%, Trump - 17.7%, Cruz - 9.3%, Rubio - 7.5%

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Source:National Society of Leadership and Success(SigmaAlpha Pi)