Brazos Bend Animal Hospital Works to Raise Awareness About Pet Poisonings

RICHMOND, Texas, March 13, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Brazos Bend Animal Hospital will join the American Veterinary Medical Association in marking the third week of March as Poison Prevention Week for Pets. Small animals can suffer serious adverse effects from ingesting even small amounts of otherwise normal household items. Chocolate tops the list of most common dog poisons, joined by rodent poisons, prescription and OTC medications, and xylitol, an artificial sweetener. For cats, the list of most common poisons includes insecticides, household cleaners and plants, medications, and glow sticks.

Dr. Karen Ross of Brazos Bend Animal Hospital is familiar with pet poisoning cases. "Unfortunately, we have treated too many cases of pet poisoning here in our practice. If you suspect your pet has ingested something poisonous, you need to seek veterinarian care for them immediately. This is why we want to use the week to draw our client's attention to pet poisoning, especially ways to avoid it in the first place," stated Dr. Ross.

Her colleague, Dr. Andy Faist, offers some insight into how pet poisoning happens. "It's not like any pet owner intentionally would allow his or her pet to ingest poisons, but if you look at the list of poisons for cats and dogs, they are substances that most of us have in our home. Their commonality is where the danger lies. If we drop a chip or a pretzel in the kitchen, our pups are right there ready and willing to snatch it up. Likewise, if it is a prescription pill or piece of chocolate, except these can be deadly."

Signs of pet poisoning will vary widely depending on the animal and the type of poison consumed. Consumption of a poisonous substance can lead to internal bleeding or kidney or liver failure. "If you see evidence of poison consumption such as empty wrappers or a destroyed plant, contact your veterinarian and watch your pet very closely," cautioned Dr. Ross. "If the animal is displaying symptoms like vomiting blood, weakness or lethargy, diarrhea, a black tarry stool, or jaundice, seek immediate medical attention even if you are uncertain about the consumption of a poison. The earlier an animal gets treatment the better."

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