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Obama to visit UK, warn on 'Brexit': Report

President Barack Obama is to visit the U.K. sometime in April to try to persuade the British public to vote to stay in the European Union when a referendum is held in June, according to a report in The Independent on Sunday.

The newspaper, which quoted an unidentified source in Downing Street, said Obama will visit Britain as "an extra leg of a trip to Germany next month."

According to the report, the source said: "Barack Obama is coming over at around that time. You wouldn't look stupid saying that (the president is going to tell British voters to stay in the EU). It would be pretty shocking if he didn't ask voters to stay in the EU."

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Obama's trip comes at a time of fraught campaigning by both sides of the political establishment to persuade Brits to vote either to stay in the EU, or to leave.

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Those campaigning to leave the political and economic bloc say Britain can flourish as a country with strong trade links to the EU. Others, including Prime Minister David Cameron, say Britain is "stronger in" the EU and that leaving would be a "leap into the unknown," a phrase Cameron has used several times. Cameron has tried to extract promises for reform from Europe.

Obama has previously urged the U.K. to stay in the bloc to ensure its continued influence on the world stage.

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