GulfMark Offshore Announces Settlement of Dispute with Shipyard Providing No Further Required Capital Expenditures

HOUSTON, March 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GulfMark Offshore, Inc. (NYSE:GLF) today announced that a settlement has been reached in the previously disclosed dispute resolution proceedings with a U.S. shipyard. The settlement reached results in no additional payments required to that shipyard. The delivery of the first vessel is scheduled for the third quarter of 2016. The settlement also grants an option to purchase the second vessel for $26 million on June 30, 2017, with payment due at delivery if the option is exercised.

Quintin Kneen, President and CEO commented, “We are pleased with the results of the settlement and to have this uncertainty resolved. The option to make no further capital expenditures allows us to adjust our investment to match market conditions.

“These 300 Class Jones Act qualified platform supply vessels are designed to work in any market, under any market conditions. They meet the higher cargo carrying capacities, fuel efficiency, increased berthing, safety, firefighting and environmental classifications preferred by our customers in the global marketplace. They will be the only U.S. flagged platform supply vessels that have Fire Fighting Vessel Class 2 (FFV2) with 3 water monitors and mobile foam generators; Safety Standby Service GR B – (300) with 2 Fast Rescue Craft, facilities and equipment to treat 300 survivors; Oil Recovery Capability Class 2; HAB (WB) for vibration, noise, climate control and lighting; Green Passport (GP); and Environmental Notation (ENVIRO) for MARPOL.

“We will continue to be innovative and forward-looking in the vessels we design and in our cost and liability management as we proactively manage the Company through the current environment.”

GulfMark Offshore, Inc. provides marine transportation services to the energy industry through a fleet of offshore support vessels serving major offshore energy markets in the world.

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