JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., March 15, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Contreras for Treasurer is pleased to announce the launch of its Team 529 initiative which is focused on leveraging candidate Pat Contreras' statewide support by engaging one of our most motivated generations – the Millennials. The campaign launched Team 529 in a video that may be viewed here.

With more than 70 endorsements from unions, past and present legislators and public leaders from across the state, Contreras is equally dedicated to leveraging the strength of the millennial generation as his campaign for State Treasurer continues to pick up momentum across Missouri.

The campaign is building an impressive coalition of Missourians who are ready to bring real leadership to the Treasurer's office. This growth of support has led to the creation of Team 529, which will serve as the primary campaign body responsible for operations across the state.

Named after the MOST 529 college savings plan, Team 529 is made up of motivated millennials who are ready to participate in an historic election. From all corners of the state, we have recruited an army of young people to join the fight to elect the first ever Latino to statewide elected office in Missouri history.

"In every election season, political candidates make promises to the individuals who run their campaigns --- millionaires and the political establishment," Contreras said. "We are running our campaign differently. We understand that this is fundamentally wrong, and will instead place our trust in the people who care most about the state's future – the millennial generation. I am going to take the enthusiasm, spirit, innovation and determination and use it to fuel an issue-oriented and substantive campaign that discusses the trials Missouri is facing today."

Contreras for Treasurer and Team 529 will work hard to better the lives of every Missourian. To find out more about the campaign, go to and join our movement. For more information, contact Shawn Borich at

CONTACT: Shawn Borich at shawn@patcontreras.comSource: Contreras for Treasurer