Police say one person dead in Berlin car explosion: Report

One person has died in a car explosion in Berlin that was likely caused by a bomb, according to reports.

Local police stated on Twitter Tuesday morning that a Volkswagen Passat had exploded in the heart of the German capital. A spokesperson for the Berlin police told NBC News that specialists had determined that explosives were the most likely cause.

"We have not been able to identify the deceased man yet," a spokesperson on site told NBC. A murder investigation team attended the scene and police explained at the time that it was not ruling out terrorism. However, Berlin police tweeted later in the day that there was "presently no evidence of terrorist background" to the incident.

Instead, police were focusing their investigation on "organized crime" according to the state interior minister for Berlin who spoke to NBC's German partner ZDF.

Specialists searched the vehicle for further explosives before giving the all clear. The car was severely damaged but didn't affect buildings nearby, according to NBC.

The incident happened in the center of Berlin near the Bismarckstrasse subway station and the Deutsche Oper Berlin opera house.

In another Tweet, police included video in which officers made announcements by megaphones, asking residents in the city to go to the back of their apartments and to stay away from windows, according to an NBC News translation.

However, by around 11:30 a.m. local time, police tweeted that bomb disposal units had finished and that the car no longer posed any danger.