FairPoint Communications Releases White Paper on Maintaining Business Continuity

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 17, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FairPoint Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:FRP), a leading provider of advanced communications technology in northern New England, has developed its latest customer resource on maintaining business continuity. The white paper is titled, “How to Ensure IT Resiliency and Business Continuity.”

FairPoint Communications’ latest white paper focuses on a number of relevant topics related to business continuity, including:

  • What Causes Data Center Outages?
  • The Impact of Power Outages
  • What Can Your Organization Do to Prevent Downtime?
  • How to Choose the Right Data Center for Business Continuity

“An unplanned outage is one of the worst things that can happen to a data center,” said Chris Alberding, vice president of product management for FairPoint Communications.

According to a 2013 Ponemon Institute study, data center downtime costs the average company in the U.S. nearly $8,000 per minute.

“Although we speak with many businesses who believe that data center outages are most often the result of a major natural disaster, the most frequent causes are actually driven by avoidable circumstances related to equipment, security or business continuity planning,” said Alberding. “Fortunately, businesses can take steps to minimize the risk, protect their data, and maintain business continuity. FairPoint’s new white paper helps businesses understand the causes and impact of unexpected outages. The document also provides useful recommendations for preventing downtime and selecting the right data center colocation provider.”

To access the white paper, visit the company’s website at www.fairpoint.com/ensuring_business_continuity.

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