Uber letting others pay your fare

Uber is trialing a new feature that will allow family and friends to share the same payment account.

Up to ten riders can now be linked to a single credit card in the U.S. cities of Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix.

The Uber app on a mobile phone
Getty Images
The Uber app on a mobile phone

On a blog posting the tech-based taxi firm said its new "Family Profiles" option had been a frequently requested feature.

The person responsible for paying for all those rides sends invites through the app to everyone he or she wants to add to their plan.

If the invitation is accepted, all future rides are billed to that main credit card holder.

Organizers can include anyone on the list but Uber's blog post stresses the emotional security of including loved ones.

"[It's helpful] whether you're a parent with kids away at college or a daughter wanting to help your parents maintain their independence," the posting reads.

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