Best Koogeek Smart Scale-Easy Your Life

BEIJING, March 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In the past several years, people expected some scales with the latest features; a scale with smart intelligence will be very exciting! After long term waiting, on March 20, 2016, Koogeek releases a fitness gadget- Koogeek smart scale, which makes all the wishes come true. A smart scale that can monitor our health level finally comes to our life.

Who is Koogeek?

Koogeek is a smart home products manufacturer. In 2016, they invested over $ 20 million to develop the advanced smart home product series to improve our life quality. The smart scale is Koogeek’s latest and multi-functional integrated invention designed to maintain and improve our health level.

Why purchase a smart scale?
It is important to understand body composition when someone tries to build great physique. You'll be healthier, feel better, and increase life expectancy by keeping body fat within a reasonable level. Koogeek smart scale is the best companion for people to track health status, create a diet plan and schedule exercise.

Koogeek scale phone will differ from others by the attributes below:

Eight Standard Health Data
The smart scale can do more for your health rather than just checking your weight. It also can provide other important health data, such as Body Water level, Body Fat, BMR, BMI, Bone Mass, Lean mass and Visceral Fat. This is based on Bio-electrical impedance analysis and built-in 4 sensors.

Using a traditional (non-smart) scale means that you must record data manually. But Koogeek smart scale’s intelligence can sync your data with mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. It automatically sends data to the cloud or directly to your phone. You can access your health data in charts and graphs at any time via Koogeek App (you can download the app free from App Store and Google Play).

Auto User Recognition
The scale can store up to 16 unique user profiles and automatically syncs to your phone. It’s very awesome that you can get your family health data whenever you want.

Easy Approach to Weigh Your Baby
It’s not hard to weight our baby anymore. You don’t have to weigh your baby alone on the scale. Just simply hold your baby and step on the scale, Koogeek APP will help you measure the baby weight automatically.

Koogeek smart scale is with a modern and stylish look. Its special design can prevent you getting injury from the edge. Additionally, the scale itself weighs approximately 4 pounds; its main measure platform is 12.4 inches by 12.4 inches and 1.14 height. Plus, there are 4 stabilizers in the bottom which can ensure data accuracy.

Koogeek smart scale is made of ITO tempered glass with LED display, which is very good at keeping your scale display away from scratches. The ITO tempered glass can even avoid the smashing problems when you drop the scale.

However, purchasing a smart scale is the beginning of fitness. The best way to maintain health level is doing exercises. Do you agree?

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