Instavit Launches its Pill-Free Energy, Sleep, and Health Supplements in the U.S.

Los Angeles, March 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Instavit, a pill-free approach to supplements, announces its complete product line will now be available at various online and retail locations throughout the U.S. Utilizing doctor formulations and advanced oral spray technology, the brand is carving out an entirely new niche in energy, sleep, and health supplements, one where bulky pill bottles and high calorie energy drinks are obsolete.

“After a successful Canadian launch, we are happy to bring Instavit to the U.S. market,” said CEO of Instavit North America Tom Morse, who also co-founded 5-Hour Energy. “In an age and culture where our schedules are packed and we are always on the go, this product line makes it easy to keep up with your health, without falling behind in your day.”

Created by Dr. Jatin Joshi, a London-based surgeon diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, Instavit tackles several common setbacks associated with traditional pill supplements, such as lack of portability, purity, and convenience. The product line’s categories include Instant Energy, Sweet Dreams, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Daily Health, Immune Strength, and Clearer Thinking.

“Even after dealing with a nearly fatal health crisis, I still found it difficult to keep up with what should have been my daily supplement intake,” said Dr. Joshi. “Many supplements need to be taken multiple times throughout the day, and for myself, and many of my patients, I learned that carting around several pill bottles just wasn’t a reality. That is why I felt it was necessary to create a smarter solution to supplements. Instavit has been a massive health and lifestyle solution in my own life, and I am happy to have the opportunity to share that technology with individuals around the world.”

The pocket-sized Instavit products are made using the highest quality ingredients and contain no fillers or binders. To use, individuals simply spray the Instavit into their mouths and swallow.

Instavit will be available online at Amazon, Jet, and Lucky Vitamin, as well as trusted retailers around the country. For a complete list of Instavit’s availability and to learn more about the brand, please visit:

About Instavit

In treating his Crohn’s disease, Dr. J. Joshi sought a smarter and more reliable alternative to the traditional pill supplements he was taking. Leveraging the fast delivery, purity, and portability possible with oral spray technology, he formulated Instavit. In its effective delivery of micronutrients, Instavit puts an end to the bulky, bad tasting, and hard-to-swallow supplements of yesterday. Whether seeking a better night’s sleep or an instant energy boost, Instavit delivers it quickly, safely, and at a great price. Free from unnecessary fillers and binders, Instavit’s diverse product line is made in the USA using only the highest quality vitamins and minerals. Both made by doctors and used by doctors, Instavit introduces a fresh, effective, and medically backed approach to energy, sleep, and health supplements.

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