Quirky job benefits: Free bacon, bicycle repairs

Free bacon and bicycle repairs: Are these the top benefits employees are looking for? Possibly not, but they are among the quirkier ones on offer, according to a survey by Glassdoor.

The employment review website singled out 20 companies that offered unusual perks and benefits to U.K. employees in a media release published on Friday.

CNBC takes a look at the benefits highlighted by Glassdoor, as well as others on offer in Britain.

Bacon lover
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Free food — and beer

Tech companies feature heavily in Glassdoor's list and free food is a bit of a theme.

Google offers a range of cuisines at its London office, but Jive Software goes one further, offering "Bacon Thursday" and "Hot Food Friday."

Jive's U.K. employees, who are based at a tech campus in Reading, to the west of London, also get beers on tap.

In the same vein, Auto Trader UK, a digital vehicle marketplace, has a wine club offering discounted bottles to employees' doors each month.

Employees at Skyscanner, a flight comparison search engine, get discounts at the local pub and beauty salon, according to Glassdoor.

Villa in Italy

TransferWise, a money transfer startup, takes staff away on an annual all-expenses paid holiday — perhaps a little like Taylor Swift, who took 125 crew members on holiday to Hamilton Island, Australia as a reward after her "1989" tour.

Opus Professional Services, meanwhile, offers a villa in Italy that employees can use for free whenever they like. And if they work hard, rewards include trip to Las Vegas, Miami and the Monaco Grand Prix, according to the recruitment specialist's website.

Meanwhile, accommodation crowd-sharing website, Airbnb, offers staff $2,000 in travel vouchers.

The John Lewis Partnership, an employee-owned firm operating department stores and supermarkets, offers subsidized holidays at hotels and caravans it owns in the U.K., to places like the Lake District and Brownsea Island in Dorset.

Partnership employees also get 50 percent subsidies on tickets to the theater, opera, concerts, exhibitions and museums, up to a maximum amount a year.

Unlimited holiday

The idea of unlimited holiday came to the fore when California-headquartered Netflix said it would not fix a maximum numbers of days that employees could take off, nor track their holidays.

Richard Branson, the high-profile British boss of Virgin, subsequently announced in 2014 that his employees would be allowed to take unlimited holiday each year.

Visualsoft, an e-commerce services firm, offers unmonitored flexitime as well as unlimited holiday, Glassdoor said.

Necker Island and Richard Branson (inset)
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Necker Island and Richard Branson (inset)

Bicycle repairs

Companies often trumpet benefits designed to help keep the workforce fit. An unusual example of this is Jagex. The Cambridge, U.K.-based developer of online games offers staff free bicycle repairs at the office, encouraging them to cycle to work and keep fit, according to Glassdoor.

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