Glen Park Animal Hospital Educates Pet Owners on Benefits of Spaying and Neutering

GARY, Ind., March 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet owners need to understand the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and the benefits to their pet and their community, reports Glen Park Animal Hospital. The spay and neuter program is one that responsible pet owners take advantage of to improve the well-being of their animals and reduce the possibility of additional animals at home or in the outdoor feral population. March is a prime month for pets to receive the spay or neuter procedure and residents that receive the services for their pets at Glen Park Animal Hospital receive 15% off of the cost of the procedure. The offer is available from March through April.

As identified from the Humane Society of the United States, there are a number of benefits to spaying or neutering pets. Spaying or neutering can improve pet health, reduce unruly behavior, reduce long-term costs for pet care and decrease the amount of homeless pets killed. There are homeless animals in every community of the United States. An estimated 6-8 million animals without homes enter animal shelter with less than half adopted out. Recent articles also cite that dogs that are neutered or spayed live on average 18% longer for males and 23% longer for females. Unspayed female dogs and cats also have a greater risk of certain types of cancer. There is support to indicate that females that are spayed prior to their first heat are healthier.

“All responsible pet owners should seriously consider spaying or neutering their dogs and cats,” said Dr. Marcus Larson. “As an experienced veterinarian, I can testify health benefits of the procedure and the fact that it greatly reduces the amount of homeless pets in any community. The best part about this affordable procedure is that spayed and neutered pets can enjoy longer and healthier lives with their owners. Pet owners place their pets at greater risk of certain diseases when animals do not get spayed or neutered. Many owners are simply unaware of the ways that spaying and neutering can help their pets and reduce additional costly procedures incurred from treating avoidable diseases.

Dr. Marcus Larson is a practicing veterinarian at Glen Park Animal Hospital, serving owners and their pets in Gary, Hammond, Calumet City, Highland, Griffith, East Chicago, Merrillville, New Chicago and surrounding communities. Their staff focuses on creating bonds with animals and offers a combination of animal health care and education for pet owners. The staff at Glen Park Animal Hospital takes time to explain the source of issues and inform owners of the role that nutrition, training and exercise plays in overall well-being.

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