Pelham Parkway Vision Center Raises Awareness About the Importance of Protecting the Eyes

BRONX, N.Y. , March 20, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Many people only go to the optometrist when they need new glasses or contact lenses. With its new awareness campaign, Pelham Parkway Vision Center of the Bronx hopes to change that. The clinic recently launched a campaign to educate patients and area residents about the importance of effective eye protection. Drs. Oleg Lisitsyn and Diana Ilyasova and their team stress the importance of annual eye exams, protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays and regular screenings for conditions like glaucoma and cataracts. "Vision and eye health often degrade naturally as people age," said Dr. Lisitsyn, "but many issues can be avoided by simply protecting the eyes properly."

When caught in their earliest stages, many vision and eye problems can be treated easily and effectively. When it comes to protecting the eyes and overall vision, then, yearly or bi-yearly eye exams are of the utmost importance. Pelham Parkway Vision Center recommends routine exams, and the American Optometric Association does too. During a routine eye exam, the doctor evaluates eye wellness, performs vision testing and tests for a variety of eye conditions and diseases. "These exams aren't just for seeing if someone requires corrective lenses," said Dr. Ilyasova. "They're among the very best ways to proactively protect the eyes," she added.

As a part of its efforts to raise awareness about eye protection, Pelham Parkway Vision Center is also reminding patients about the importance of shielding the eyes from harmful UV rays. When the eyes are exposed to UV-A and UV-B rays for prolonged periods of time, proteins within the lenses can develop cataracts, which makes them opaque and cloudy. This condition can affect a person's ability to see colors, and it can also negatively impact night vision and make reading more difficult. Exposure to such rays can also cause changes in eye tissues, retinal damage and photokeratitis, a temporary "sunburn" of the corneas. "Sunglasses with UV 400 protection, which protects against rays that are as small as 400 nanometers and provides 100% protection, effectively wards off such concerns," said Dr. Lisitsyn.

Of course, even if someone is diligent about wearing UV-protected sunglasses whenever they venture outside, they can still develop conditions like cataracts and glaucoma. Screening tests can pick up the earliest signs of these conditions. When they are caught in their earliest stages, such conditions are typically much easier to manage or treat. "This is why we urge everyone to come in for their yearly exams and screenings," said Dr. Ilyasova. "By the time such conditions are clearly evident, the available treatment and management options are fewer and farther between," she added.

Pelham Parkway Vision Center plans to continue its awareness campaign for the next few months. Area residents who are due for annual exams can make appointments by contacting the clinic at (718) 829-2160.

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Source: Pelham Parkway Vision Center