Diet Doc's Professional Guidelines for Buying Safe and Effective Online hCG

LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Although hCG is a natural hormone that is produced by the body and, although it has quickly become a preferred method for fast weight loss, this product, when consumed without a valid doctor prescription and without medical supervision can cause health compromise. For this reason, Diet Doc has developed their prescription hormone treatments that is available by prescription only to qualified patients after a satisfactory doctor consultation.

The internet provides a huge platform for consumers. And, while it can be a practical, time-saving tool, for many it has proven to be a playground for scam artists. Consumers throughout the world with a desire to lose weight and improve their health, have been scammed and drained of finances by internet companies who promise weight loss miracles for those who buy hCG online. And, although the sale of hCG is illegal without a valid doctor prescription and medical guidance, the internet is much too large of a platform for the FDA to monitor efficiently. Because of this, Diet Doc cautions those who are struggling to lose weight when tempted to respond to the internet ads of diet products that are otherwise only available with a doctor prescription.

Besides being illegal, those who buy hCG online have no idea what they are actually purchasing and consuming. Because these products are manufactured in countries outside of the United States, they are not regulated and are not mandated to follow safety guidelines. Almost always, online hCG is diluted with other unknown ingredients, many of which may cause serious negative reactions in clients and most times, the mixture is diluted with so many ingredients that the hCG is actually no longer present. Millions of consumers who buy hCG online are losing money, losing time and losing faith in the hope of ever reaching their ideal weight.

Diet Doc provides a comprehensive weight loss solution. Over 97% of their patients are safely losing 20 or more pounds per month without dangerous side effects, without between meal hunger, food cravings or dieting fatigue. This is because Diet Doc combines their safe, effective and powerful prescription hormone treatments with meal and snack plans that are designed by certified nutritionists to be personal to each patient's individual needs. Using their own algorithm, diet plans are tailored to be compatible with each patient's age, gender, activity level, medical conditions and nutritional needs. They are designed to work flawlessly with prescription hormone treatments to signal the hypothalamus to actually target stored fat in the hard to reach places. Patients are reporting increased energy levels and the very quick and very noticeable loss of pounds and inches in the belly, hips thighs, underarms and buttocks within days. They are looking and feeling better than ever before.

The fast weight loss experts at Diet Doc dedicate themselves to helping their patients break bad eating behaviors and learn how to choose healthy food combinations that leave them feeling full and satisfied without feeling deprived. They monitor each patient's progress, comfort level and attitude throughout and are available on an unlimited basis for questions, concerns, suggestions and support. They offer an impressive collection of U.S. made prescription diet products, including their exclusive prescription hormone treatments, that help to keep their patients motivated while keeping the fat burning gates open for safe and fast weight loss.

Diet Doc's diet plans can produce healthy results for those trying to rid themselves of that final 10 pounds, or those who must lose substantial weight in order to restore lost health, prevent obesity related disease and get back on track towards a healthy and long future. The company has earned their reputation of trust and reliability by providing personal service to their clients and by offering safe and effective prescription hormone treatments and diet products that are safe and that really work. They encourage dieters throughout the country who may be tempted to buy hCG online to first reach out to Diet Doc to schedule a personal, confidential and no-cost consultation and to learn more about prescription hormone treatments and its ability to generate safe, comfortable and fast weight loss.

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