"Market Madness" stock tournament: Southern division

In honor of March Madness, the "Halftime Report" is doing its own "Market Madness" stock tournament.

On Friday the desk traded the Western division, with Apple, Nike, Wells Fargo, and Alphabet advancing to the next round.

Today, we headed down South.

With eight companies already through to the quarterfinals, the desk --with help from twitter--decided who they want to see in the semifinals.

Between Bank of America and Coca-Cola, the desk agreed that Bank of America should advance.

For Valero versus Delta the desk tied, with two experts voting for each company. So we took to twitter for the deciding vote. 64% of viewers voted for Delta, so the airline is flying into the next round.

Exxon versus FedEx was a similar story, with the desk undecided on a clear winner. In a close poll, 56% of twitter voters picked Exxon, so the energy company is headed to the semis.

With two votes for Home Depot and two for American Airlines, twitter once again decided. Home Depot is set to advance to the next round after receiving 75% of the vote.

Here are all of the advancers in the Western and Southern division:

A reminder to tune in tomorrow at 12pmET for more Market Madness. We'll be trading the Eastern division, with names like Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan, CVS, and Johnson & Johnson on the chopping block.

Don't forget to cast your votes on twitter!