360 Orthodontics’ Dr. Mahtab Partovi Eases Discomfort and Reduces Orthodontic Treatment Time by Half with FDA-Cleared AcceleDent

Los Angeles , March 22, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- 360 Orthodontics’ Dr. Mahtab Partovi, a leading orthodontist in Beverly Hills, California, is leveraging the industry’s first FDA-cleared medical device proven to speed up orthodontic treatment by up to 50 percent and dramatically reduce associated soreness. As part of the Partovi Method, AcceleDent is used in combination with either traditional or specialized braces to maximize comfort and cut total treatment time by as much as half.

“Most patients considering braces are either concerned with discomfort or the overall time commitment. AcceleDent solves both of these issues,” says Dr. Partovi. “When used as part of the Partovi Method, patients can expect to be in and out of their braces in as little as six months, rather than the typical two year commitment most orthodontists are still quoting. Additionally, I am able to minimize any pressure or soreness that is normally associated with orthodontics.”

While there are similar devices on the market, AcceleDent is the first device of its kind to be FDA-cleared. It works by emitting light vibrations throughout the mouth, which are both clinically proven to ease soreness and accelerate the movement of teeth. As a key component of the Partovi Method, the doctor recommends her patients use AcceleDent 20 minutes each day for optimal results.

“As a medical professional, I believe it is my responsibility to ensure my patients have access to the best, most trusted, and effective treatment options available today,” says Dr. Partovi. “And while I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet, my hope is that the device will eventually become a standard in orthodontic care for all practices, as it is in mine.”

In addition to recommending AcceleDent, Dr. Partovi is further optimizing patients’ results with handpicked custom braces, specialized techniques, and meticulously executed teeth and gum shaping, plus whitening—all part of her Partovi Method for achieving a classic “Hollywood smile,” without the need for veneers or prosthetics.

For more information or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Partovi, please visit: http://www.360orthodontics.com.


About Dr. Partovi

Dr. Partovi is a leading Beverly Hills orthodontist taking an authentic approach in delivering patients of all ages a Hollywood smile that is truly their own. Using a wide range of cutting-edge orthodontic treatments, she has delivered thousands of patients a natural alternative to cosmetic dentistry. In addition to providing the most advanced and most effective orthodontic solutions available, Dr. Partovi is also known for her transparency in offering traditional braces at more than half the cost of other orthodontists…simply because she can. Her honest approach extends throughout her entire Los Angeles practice, 360 Orthodontics, which was carefully designed as a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly haven where patients may receive sustainable and highly personalized care. Dr. Partovi regularly donates her time and services to a number of important charitable organizations, including Covenant House, Hearts of Los Angeles, Special Olympics Special Smiles, and more.

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Source: 360 Orthodontics